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At River City ABA, we do things a little differently than most ABA companies.  We believe that the science of ABA is most effective when wielded with heart and understanding.  We will never ignore your child or their feelings.  We will never try to change what makes your child beautifully unique.


We champion our families.

We celebrate every child’s journey, and their families' unique lived experiences.

We are here to give your child and families the tools they need to succeed, whatever that means to them.  We do this by working with our clients in open, collaborative spaces- not the tiny one on one rooms you are used to seeing.  That is because we want to prepare our clients for the natural environments they will meet in daycare, school, and social settings.  

To initiate services, please complete the intake request form, found here.


Family Training & Behavior Support

Empathetic, but not undemanding.

We have a deep and sincere appreciation for
our families' struggles and triumphs. Our work
is most successful when we’re able to partner
with caregivers to develop and sustain an
individualized plan.


Feeding & Toileting Assistance

Relentless, but not unrealistic.

It takes hard work, patience, and persistence to
bring about change and progress. We work
tirelessly for our clients, all while remaining
grounded in what’s possible.


Social Groups & Educational Collaboration

Optimistic, but not naïve.

We use compassion and Applied Behavior
Analysis (ABA) methodology to improve lives. We know progress is possible, and we
understand that every client’s journey is distinctive.

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