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What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis is a teaching methodology based in the sciences of learning and behavior.  Simply put, we use tried and true methods to determine the 'why' of behavior so that we can meet the learner where they are.  Understanding the individual personal barriers to communication, socialization, and challenging behaviors allows us to motivate and teach them strategies for getting their wants and needs met.  The best part?  When ABA is wielded with love and understanding- everyone has a great time.  

How do I get the process started?

We need some basic information and your insurance card!  From there, we can narrow in on an intake appointment date and an ongoing schedule for services.  The best, most secure way to initiate the process is to complete our intake request form.

What does the intake process entail?

We have a two appointment intake process! 

The first appointment is a parent interview that lasts around 90 minutes. During that appointment, your clinician will ask you questions about your hopes, concerns, and answer any questions you have.  The second appointment is just for your child!  This 90 minute timeframe is a drop off appointment in which your child explores the center while we get to know how they communicate, what activities they gravitate towards, and how they interact with peers.  

Your clinician will take the information from those appointments and create an individualized treatment plan that outlines the major areas we will be supporting. 

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