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Advocacy Services

River City ABA is proud to provide certified advocacy services for clients who are actively enrolled in services! 

Navigating the IEP process is overwhelming.  We are here to detangle, explain, and advocate to ensure you and your child are getting what is most appropriate from your educational setting.  

Mariah Jezek

Mariah Jezek
BCBA, LBA, Board Certified Advocate

Mariah began her career in 2014 as a special education teacher in Augusta County, VA, prior to moving to Hanover where she served as the Elementary Regional Autism classroom teacher. Mariah transitioned out of the classroom and into her role as a full time BCBA at River City ABA in 2021. Since then, Mariah has supported our families by providing special education insights and advice for clients struggling in their classroom settings.  

Now, she offers this service for all current clients of River City ABA as a Board Certified Special Education Advocate.

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